The Mouth-Watering Goodness of Tom Ryan’s TGI Fridays Collaboration

We knew something special (and savory) was bound to happen when Tom Ryan teamed up for another round with The Richards Group.

Throw a rack of TGI Fridays delicious ribs in the mix, and we definitely weren’t wrong. With their five styles of baby back ribs and Tom Ryan’s artful approach to food photography, TGI Fridays is looking mighty tasty right about now. Inspired by the American smokehouse backdrop full of rich textures and aromas, Tom set out to create a most appetizing spot using two cameras to capture all of the subtle moments.

“The A camera shoots the sweet spot, the perfect vantage point that exists with any product, in this case meaty, delicious ribs,” explains Tom. “B camera is ambient and unscripted, often finding those unexpected moments that lend mouthwatering appeal. It all came together with a smokehouse set in a handcrafted genuine experience.”

It’s only natural this team came together again. The Richards Group and Tom’ previous collaboration, “Stacked Burgers,” was included among AdWeek’s Most Effective Ads of 2014. Taking a spin on the scrumptious scene painted in April to convey the rustic flavors of this TGI Fridays’ ribs, “Symphony of Ribs” hits the spot (right in our bellies, that is).

A quick disclaimer to say that you may want to consider changing your dinner plans. Don’t want to take our word for it? Thrillest (one of our favorite blogs of the gimme-the-goods-on-all-things-eat-drink-travel variety) called out Tom’s latest for some serious bacon-crusted feasting.

View the full press release here.

The Richards Group
Brand Management: Jennifer Estorga
Creative Group Heads: Chuck Schiller & Aaron Thornton
Art Director: David Styler
Freelance Art Director: Tim Murphy
Copywriter: Mike Payer
Producer: Joe Childress

Director: Tom Ryan
Art Director: Jay Evers
Editorial: 3008
Editor: Michael Irving