Tom Ryan & Art Director Jay Evers Create A Series That Will Hook And Shank You

Ansel Adams is quoted as saying, “To the complaint, there are no people in these photographs, I respond, there are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.”

In the case of the new series by Tom Ryan: the art director, photographer, and us. As with many of Tom Ryan’s commercials, this project was forged by a creative partnership between the director and Art Director Jay Evers. Here, the duo worked on two simultaneous still life assemblages, manipulating, reviewing, reworking. The elements were placed on a stained and painted background and when they achieved the moment that each came together sculpturally Tom would shoot the still life. The juxtaposition of utilitarian objects and culinary utensils speak to their ability to transform everyday things into the extraordinary.Widely known for his mouthwatering moving images, Tom Ryan has also been a lifelong photographer. “This project was a return to my roots, and to what inspired me to get into the business in the first place,” he explains. “I wanted to celebrate iconic food related imagery and capture something beautiful but not expected.”  He explains that his photography background influences how he sees everything when directing – lighting, framing, and more. And, perhaps most important of all, to know the moment when it all comes together.