Pritts Delivers For GameStop

Comedy director Rob Pritts’ latest for GameStop highlights one of those milestone moments for gamers and dads alike – hella savings.

Situational comedy and spendthrift align in a tribute to the joys of delivering an entertaining deal. From Pritts in the field, performance was everything:

“We hit jackpot with the ‘Dad’ because he was so sweet. On every take he showed emotion like he’d been there before. I know he had not gone through childbirth…at least not since his own. So, after a few takes, I came up to him and told him how great his performance was. He thanked me, looking a little lost. I asked him if he was imagining a real birth when we rolled. He looked at me and said no; he was just imagining what it would be like to get a couple hundred bucks. Seriously? Dead serious. That’s method!”