Thirty Seconds With Tom Ryan


Ours is a world of thirty second increments. It’s as if our internal clocks chime every :30 and some of us (no names, please) imagine our own personal tagline at the :28 mark. We can’t help it; It’s what we do.

Our directors construct whole narratives in just thirty seconds of airtime, and we believe that’s all the time you really need to tell a great story. Ask Tom Ryan for instance, who recently directed this spot for TGI Fridays that manages to whet our appetite just five seconds in (add another twenty-five seconds of food porn, and we’re sold)…

So ask Tom Ryan we did, in our new story series “Thirty Seconds With…”, a rapid-fire Q&A session between us Lucky 21ers…

Tom! What’s on your playlist right now?
Rodrigo Y Gabrielle

What’s your hidden talent?
Home cooking.

If you weren’t a director, you would be a…
Restaurant critic

What’s your favorite word?

Beverage of choice?
Coffee. All kinds.

The most unusual thing I’ve directed is…
A curious little white mouse for United Airlines.

That’s all we have time for this go ‘round. Tom seemed to be headed towards the TGI Fridays. Go figure.