Jeff Bednarz Direct’s spot for the US Census 2020

Jeff Bednarz Direct’s US Census 2020 “Who I Am”.

Directed by Jeff Bednarz, Produced by Lucky 21, Edited by Lucky Post and voiced by actor Arthur Redcloud, this short PSA for the US census 2020, is a respectful and celebratory portrait of Native Americans

The US Census has a history of low participation by marginalized communities. Who I Am is aimed at Native American populations, identifying a small-selection of tribes that exist in the United States and Canada, encouraging them to participant in the upcoming count.

Redcloud’s voice-over is accompanied by images of children smiling in front of a backdrop on a pier, quick cuts of pow wow dancers, cultural signifiers. And landscapes, creating an expansiveness in thirty seconds.

One of the reasons this piece works so well is because it is created for and by Native people. Bednarz and Lucky 21 worked with Michael Gray of G&G, who is of Blackfeet and Chippewa-Cree heritage, to create the narrative of the film. The traditional drums, expertly mixed by Lucky Post, are also authentic, and the photos of Native Americans express an expansiveness and an emotional connection to both the modern and ancient tribal cultures.