Inside Tom Ryan’s Warehouse

Learning what makes a director tick can be a scary endeavor. Where do you start? It’s almost too much creativity for our own good.

So we figured, let’s pick a setting. Like Tom Ryan’s warehouse for instance. Having props on hand is something many directors pride themselves upon, and when you shoot as much tabletop as Tom does, you’re in for a mighty interesting space.

Peruse some of Tom’s work and you might recognize some of our warehouse finds. Lots of white plates, cutting boards, flatware. Some darker plates to add to our array of colors, chargers, other decorative items. Take each item and assume he has it in multiples. You never know when you’re going to need to smash 15 white plates, or lay out 13 cups of coffee, but Tom’s always prepared.

The warehouse is an ever-growing propmaster mecca, with different props for every job, and a few imagined ones for jobs of the future. And at the very least, he’s super prepared for a feast of any and every kind.