CANNES We See You this June?


We couldn’t help ourselves; we had to make the pun. We are going to be at Cannes this year, friends! Will you be there, too? We’d love to see you.

And now a moment for a humble brag about our travel plans. We’re flying out to France to spend some good time with y’all (hopefully), drink a few (see our drinking guide), and celebrate the best that our industry has to offer. Then, Anita is whisking away for a week in London and two weeks in Turkey before she dials back in to making some fantastic projects happen for you.

Feel free to drop us a note if you’re going to be in Cannes or if you have some London or Turkey-related travel tips for Anita. Otherwise, you know what to expect: pictures of the fun, the mayhem, and (of course) the delicious food. Merci!