Lucky 21 at AICP: Let The Madness Begin

The AICP Awards are here. This week, advertising will don its finest and head over to MoMA to begin what we call the whirlwind of madness that culminates on the final night of Cannes.

It’s the 23rd annual show, and while you never know what to expect, we have to say we are looking forward to some new additions this year. The Directors Lecture Series is happening tomorrow and features three directors (Ringan Ledwidge, Noam Murro, and Keith Schofield) taking us through retrospectives of their careers. Seeing as we are constantly gabbing with our directors on their foundations in the industry, the first things they’ve shot, and what’s next, that’ll be a must-see.

Also, for the first time yet, we’ve got an AICP Base Camp in Nolita! We’re particularly excited about this one, as we always appreciate designated hubs to meet, greet, shmooze, and (sometimes / often) booze with our compatriots at these ad gatherings. Another bonus: sometimes you find hidden gems en route to Base Camp (see Play Street photo above).

Speaking of places to be! Our own PR Special Agent Jessie posted up this morning with the Veterans Initiative. What’s the Veterans Initiative, you ask? Well, it’s an offering by the CARE committee of AICP to help place recently separated veterans with an entry level, three month paid fellowship to learn about the daily workings of production, post production or other aspects of commercial production. Since 2012, twenty-one AICP member companies have hired twenty-three veterans to work in their organizations.

Have a great AICP Week, everyone!