Behind The Scenes: Czech Out the Bon Repas

Part of the joys of making commercials all over the world is exploring new spaces.

Whether it’s the quirky hotel we are staying in or the charming cafe down the block – or in this case the historically-significant chateau that’s been our shooting location for the past few days.

Bon Repas was built in the 1700s and acts as more of a chateau than a house, set back on a huge tract of land. You have to enter through two gates to get into the main house, which served as our first indicator that it used to serve as a military compound where missiles were stored.

When the military moved out of the chateau, a family purchased it and began to restore the property, which was no small task. As part of their standard issue, the military had painted the exterior light pink, and inside, they painted over a stunning fresco with stark white. Lucky for the restoration project, the painting job was so terrible that they were able to salvage the original fresco after two full years of filing and preservation.

We’ve done a bit of walking around Bon Repas and can vouch for its stunning four bedrooms, ballroom, guest home compound, chapel, pool, and picturesque garden and fountain. Think of your perfect fairy tale, and it’s here, sitting in front of us.

If you find yourself by way of the Czech Republic, stop by Bon Repas!