Chad freaking loves what he does because it doesn’t feel like a job. His early film interpretation of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado got him kicked out of school for two weeks so the idea that he could make a living as a director made a lot of sense.

Growing up in Kansas, Chad’s interest in directing was sparked while spending hours roaming the 49-cent rental video store. As much as he loved watching movies, the power of a cover image and a simple logline that piqued interest is what he found arresting. It was to foreshadow a future career in advertising.

Behind his insatiable nature, Chad defends his Brooklyn Monday Night Softball League Title and quiets his nights with a little Fur Elise. Brooklyn’s Beethoven (no one calls him that) is a visual storyteller who loves the word beautiful, epitomizes it in his work, and is hell-bent on cracking the meaning of life. And if he had the same super power as The Flash, he probably would have achieved it by now. Get to work, Chad.